Gobin's is committed to exceeding compliance levels of Federal, State, and local environmental regulations. As part of producing powerful results for our customers, we offer energy-efficient document imaging products and commercial furniture that reduce operational costs and feature consumables that have a marginal impact on the environment.
To foster a recycling-oriented society, Canon is building collection and recycling systems worldwide for used products. To make recycling easier, Canon is also developing inverse manufacturing (IM), which assumes recycling from the design and development stage. Canon's goal is to minimize use and waste throughout the product lifecycle. By expanding its activities in this area, Canon's volume of reused products and parts has reached 2,481 tons in 2010. To learn more about Canon's green initiatives, click here.
HP demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability with carefully considered goals, programs and partners. HP places particular emphasis on three priorities: climate and energy, product reuse and recycling and supply chain responsibility, these issues have strategic importance to their business, stakeholder concerns and HP's ability to make a positive impact. To learn more about HP's green initiatives, click here.


Konica Minolta has established its Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015 as a milestone marker toward the goals outlined in Eco Vision 2050. The plan comprises specific approaches and targets for four objectives: preventing global warming, supporting a recycling-oriented society, reducing the risk of chemical substances, and restoring and preserving biodiversity. Konica Minolta has designated these objectives as goals for all of it businesses to pursue, and is incorporating them into its business plans while formulating specific measures for their achievement, with the overall aim to successfully carry out the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015. To learn more about Konica Minolta's green initiatives, click here.
Lexmark’s commitment to environmental sustainability can be seen in their innovative and progressive eco-friendly solutions such as the US Equipment Collection and US Cartridge Collection programs.  By utilizing collection and recycling programs Lexmark has been able to reduce customer paper usage, increase product energy efficiency, cut overall use of material in products and manage effective hardware recovery processes.  This sustained effort has allowed Lexmark to consistently create a positive impact on their customers, employees, stakeholders and the global community.To learn more about Lexmark's green initiatives, click here.

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