Gobin’s develops work areas and offices from our understanding of how people work and come together. We recognize that different workplaces have different needs. People need spaces that reflect their own working style, and as well as the style of the organization. We will also design your areas to impact the environment positively. Good design is a lot of things, but first and foremost it entails having a large and relevant selection of finishes, fabrics and features, versatility in functions, and detailing in construction. With a broad range of price points, styles, categories and product lines, Gobin’s offers a significant array of options. Our breadth of choice provides significant flexibility for your facility planners and design projects. Flexibility is increasingly what end-users expect.

The team will engage in a Q and A with your key staff members reviewing topics such as:
• What tasks does the person do in this work area?
• How much work area do you need?
• What are the power and data requirements?
• Does this person meet with people and how many at one time?
• How much filing and storage area do you need?
• What type of seating are you looking for?
• Is there an ergonomics issue?
• Is there an adjustability issue or a bariatric issue?
• What is the use and purpose of the room?
• Is the room used as a multipurpose room?
• How many persons will be seated in the room?
Gobin’s team will capture this information and began development of two and three dimensional drawing so buyers can visualize the design. A bill of material is also generated from the drawing. Budgeting can begin to develop at this point.

Gobin’s, Inc. has been in the commercial office furniture business for forty-five years. During these years, we have been the source for information and assistance in the specification, ordering, installation, and project management of both small and multi-million dollar work-space and open-space business design, office furniture designation and installation programs. A typical furniture project of Gobin’s has multiple product lines, each with many parts, finishes, fabrics, and combination possibilities. This diversity allows a greater range of customer options, resulting in high customer productivity, satisfaction and success with our end-product. Gobin’s has managed furniture projects for Government, Healthcare and Education facilities, as well as Finance, Banking and Service Industries.

We excel at “detail management.” Why? A project such as this can easily contain 3,000 to 30,000 specific parts, and every project requires close to 100% precision for the layout, ordering, and assembly of those parts. Each part is application specific and requires sequential assembly, placed to the inch and assembled within a fixed, immovable building, interconnected to the building’s services, and accomplished within a specific “window” of a pre-set schedule. The selected product must meet demanding criteria relating to flammability, safety, and ease of use for disabled persons, and environmental impact. Gobin’s knowledge encompasses such areas as interior construction, building codes, electricity, telecommunications, project planning, control, and logistics. The ability to oversee this level of detail is key to project success.
Gobin’s, Inc. is dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, members of the communities in which we work and live, and all mankind. Our commitment is to not only meet, but to exceed compliance levels of Federal, State, and Local environmental regulations. We strive to eliminate pollution generated at the source, to use safe substitutes where feasible, and to maximize the reclamation and recycling of materials to eliminate any adverse impact on the environment. Gobin’s, Inc. will continue to promote and further develop standards for the long-term protection of our environment.

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