Delivery / Warehouse
Working Status
Full time
Career Level
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Desired Education


Determine customer needs and consult manager as required.

Collect COD`s.


Well-developed customer relations will be needed on a daily basis to interact with customers.

Well-developed interpersonal skills with co-workers will be needed.

Equipment Used:

1.  General power tools

2.  Telephone

3.  CRT Terminal

4.  FAX

5.  Copier

6.  Drive Delivery Van

Knowledge Skills

Valid and clean driving record (MVR).

Working Conditions:

1.  Travel will be required to travel to other locations for installations, meetings, deliveries and seminars.

2.  On occasion there will be meetings or training seminars that require before or after work hours.

3.  Required working hours will be set by the Warehouse Manager in conjunction with pending deliveries.  Overtime as required.

4.  When using company credit card all receipts must be returned to Accounts Payable within a timely manner.  Appropriate business attire as set forth in Employee Handbook. 

Position Purpose:

Deliver products to the customer in a timely professional manner.  Maintaining Gobin’s warehouse, general store maintenance.

Essential Duties:

1.  Responsible for the delivery of products to the customer.

2.  Responsible for the proper installation of office furniture.

3.  Return all tickets in numerical order in a timely manner.

4.  Repair furniture as needed.

5.  Off-load freight from trucks.

6.  Remove trash from store before leaving on delivery route on a daily basis.

7.  General store maintenance.

8.  Perform other duties as necessary or requested.

9.  Responsible for maintenance of vans and trucks and completing vehicle checklist weekly.

10.  Responsible for paperwork, tickets and signatures.

11. Ability to lift a minimum of 75 lbs.

12. Comply with Employee Handbook and all Safety Regulations.

Other Duties:

1.  Maintain excellent customer relations.

2.   Maintain a professional appearance.

3.   Have customer sign invoice on deliveries.

4.   Maintain a valid and clean driver’s license record.           

5.   Ability to lift office furniture or machines.


Comply with Safety Procedures. 

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