The 3 Levels of Managed IT Security

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Managed IT services can be personalized to meet your company's unique needs--even when it comes to security. There are three levels of security you can choose to base your solutions on, and each one is right for a different kind of company. Let's take a closer look at each one!

Security the Managed IT Way

Although managed IT services is known for things like streamlining workflows and improving communication, it's also a good tool for security. That's because managed IT can be personalized to fit your company's needs.

To begin, you'll have three basic levels of security to choose from. You can mix and match solutions going forward, but these levels act as a starting point to help you know what to expect.


The simplest level of security available is "annual" because you'll have an annual meeting to discuss updates, changes, and needs. This level is basic and easy to maintain, but it also isn't as robust as the other options.


The biannual level is for companies that want to take advantage of the more advanced features offered by managed IT security. Meetings happen twice a year and provide more opportunities for alterations to security procedures.


For companies most focused on security, the quarter level is the best fit. Quarterly meetings provide ample opportunity to discuss security updates, make tweaks to solutions and approaches, review data, and make changes as necessary.


No matter how intricate you'd like your security approach to be, managed IT services makes it possible. You have three basic options--annual, biannual, and quarter--but these are just starting points; security solutions should grow and change with you.

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