3 Simple Steps to Creating a DMS


The use of a document management system is invaluable in any office. It's the way that business gets done for many companies. The way that your company's documents are created, filed, stored, saved, and accessible creates workflows that the company simply can't do without.

Creating Documents

The first thing to do for a new document management system is to decide on the rules of engagement. How exactly will new documents be created, and which rules will govern them? The entire office needs a set of rules about documents that will make them relatively uniform so that they can be filed, edited, retrieved, and more as needed. This may include the use of in-house templates, or it may be a little more free-form in your office. Part of the creation of the document includes the naming of it, and those rules need to be set in stone to prevent any files from being misplaced completely.

The Storage of Documents

Like the creation of documents, the storage of them should require adherence to a set of rules to make them easier to process. To keep from wasting a lot of time looking for documents, there must be a clear system of filing so that they are easy to find later. The system must be easy to follow and come with clear rules to keep employees using this system every time they create and file a document. Come up with rules for archiving older files so that it's easier to find the latest ones. Weeding old documents into separate files each year can help keep them under control.

Securing Files

Part of every document management system should be security. Keeping the files in good order isn't helpful if the files ae stolen, corrupted, or ransomed. However, there are many layers of security that you can place between your documents and the outside world. While some of these are digital, others are physical. A good security system that includes cameras can help to deter theft.

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