4 Signs Your Company is Ready for Managed Print Services


If you have heard about managed print services and ever wondered whether it was right for your company, wonder no further. Here's how you can tell whether these services would serve your business well.

You Have Printers

Unless your company outsources all of its printing, your business can benefit from managed print services. Whether you have three printers or 20, everyone in the office can benefit from having them professionally monitored and maintained. This allows employees to take care of their regular tasks instead of trying to have them handle print maintenance and stocking supplies.

You Need a Print Strategy

Many companies don't have a definite print strategy because they see it is being unimportant. However, print costs add up quickly, and your company could be paying as must as 10% of its revenue for printing. Getting managed print services can help your business to create its own print strategy so that unnecessary printing is curbed and print costs are lowered.

You Don't Know Your Print Costs

Can you say right now how much your print costs are and what percentage it is of your overall budget? If you can't, you're not alone. Most companies do not monitor those costs and know only their basic equipment costs. Finding out your true operating costs can help you to see whether those costs are out of control and need to be curbed. It's common to find out that your print costs are far higher than your company had ever estimated.

Your Company Could Use More Money and Time

There are few businesses that couldn't benefit from having more money and time. With managed print services, that's exactly what your company will get. With so much taken care of by your service provider, employees have more time and better levels of productivity and efficiency. And because print costs are put under control, the company has to spend less on its day-to-day printing.

If you have any of these signs that your company is ready for managed print services, call us today to find out how to get started. We can help your business to get those costs under control and to find more time for workers to do their daily tasks.