4 Tips to Make Your Desk Cleaner and More Comfortable


Your office space is somewhere you spend a significant amount of time, which means you should give it some TLC. The right work environment could be the difference between productivity and frustration, so it's worth your time to do a little organizing and decluttering. Here are our tips for getting your desk and workspace clean, clear, and comfortable.

1. Clean Up Regularly

Perhaps Mondays are hectic for you and by Wednesday you finally have a chance to breathe. Make Wednesday your desk organization day, in that case. Whatever your week looks like, make sure you schedule in time for a weekly clean-up. Use this time to recycle useless papers, refile papers you've been sitting on all week, and wipe down your desk. It can be refreshing to do this mid-week and give yourself a fresh start.

2. Organize Supplies

Don't let the paraphernalia of daily office life weigh you down. Have a designated place in your desk for all the essentials, from pens to paper clips. Organize regularly-used papers in binders that are clearly marked, and mark all of your notebooks by subject.

3. File and Label

Use one drawer in your desk as a filing cabinet for your records and copies of relevant documents. Make sure these file folders are clearly labeled and easy to access.

4. Get Personal

Finally, add your own unique touch to your desk or office to cheer you up. Family photos, a small indoor plant, and a piece of art can go a long way toward making your space feel inviting. Personal touches make your office feel more welcoming and can make a big statement for clients or customers.

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