4 Totally Avoidable Ways Businesses Overspend on Print


Most companies keep a close eye on spending and budgets. However, it's interesting to note that many businesses overlook print spending as a major cost issue. Overspending on print is often the reason behind mysteriously decreasing budgets or unknown monthly costs.

It just takes a moment to realize how much you might be overspending on print - for some companies, it can total percentages in the double digits. That's right - the average business wastes 14% of revenue on print and paper inefficiencies. Is your company included in that stat? If so, let Gobin's Business Solutions help you get it under control.

Print Budgets Explained

Print budgets are hard to manage if you have multiple employees working in your print environment and ordering supplies. If your company doesn't have strong print policies, you'll find that print waste goes up drastically - in fact, the average employee prints 10,000 pages per year.

A reasonable print budget takes into account data from a print audit, necessary printing, and eliminates wasteful printing. It also includes reasonable, regulated supply ordering so that your monthly print budget is predictable and affordable.

How to Avoid Overspending

Overspending on print is a chronic office problem, but it's easy to fix with PrintWise managed print. Managed print can cut operating costs by 30% in your print environment and create a reliable, cost-effective print budget that you need to reduce waste and optimize your business spending and efficiency.

Manage your Print

It's time to manage your print and costs, so it doesn't control you. Gobin's Business Solutions has a reliable print management service that makes your company operate more efficiently. Time to get started! Reach out to us today.