4 Ways to Simplify Cybersecurity

Woman sitting at desk looking at laptop that has a cyber security pop up on it. Pencils, books, lamp, glasses, and papers on wooden desk. Warm tones.

Cybersecurity is complicated and, at times, overwhelming. Here are a few ways to simplify it without cutting corners or leaving your company undefended!

Take Cybersecurity Back to Basics

With something as complex and high-stakes as cybersecurity, it can feel risky to go back to basics. After all, you've worked hard to develop your print security, password conventions, network protection, and other defense mechanisms--so why go back to square one?

The truth is that, sometimes, working so hard to "achieve" cybersecurity blinds you to the fact that it's a journey, not a destination. Cybersecurity is always changing--which means it actually can be beneficial to go back to basics and make sure you're covering all your bases.

Here are a few ways to simplify cybersecurity:

#1: Know your enemy.

It's important to understand who hackers are, what they do, what they look for, and, of course, how to stop them. Remember that hackers get smarter every day, so you'll have to do the same. Stay up-to-date on the latest scams, threats, and security risks.

#2: Use simple but powerful tools.

Two-factor authentication, complicated passwords, and encryption are simple tools, yes, but they make a world of difference. The key is to find similar solutions: hardworking, but user-friendly enough to eliminate the need to choose between efficiency and security.

#3: Create backups.

Data backups are your company's safety net. Create them, test them, and then test them again--that way, you'll be ready for anything.

#4: Stay vigilant.

Network monitoring is a crucial part of cybersecurity. Many managed service providers offer 24/7 monitoring to keep your company safe even when you can't be at the computer or keeping an eye on the network.


The truth about cybersecurity is that it's always changing--so sometimes, your best bet is to go back to basics. By simplifying your approach, you can eliminate some of the stress and focus on what really matters: protecting your networks, machines, and data.

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