5 Ways to Protect Your Business with Managed IT Services


These days, every business is vulnerable to hackers. Just how vulnerable you want your company to be is largely up to you. With managed IT services, there are a number of ways your network can be made more secure and less vulnerable.

##Getting Updates##

Updating software is an important part of your company's overall security. When security updates aren't immediately put into place, there are holes left in your network. With managed IT services, you can have all of your updates automatically applied so that any security holes are patched quickly and efficiently. This also keeps your software running better. And it isn't just your computers and mobile devices that need updating- your printers do as well.

Firewall Security

Using a firewall is one of the best things that can be done to protect your computer network. Firewall security is put into place by installing a physical piece of hardware that will block any unauthorized parties from outside the network from getting inside and accessing your data. Firewalls can also be built into the software. In either case, a firewall is a must-have for every business network.

Back-Up All Data

Part of your security system is a way to keep all files backed up in case of a data breach. With ransomware so common these days, having a backup of your network's files is a great way to be prepared in case the worst should happen. Managed IT services can assist in getting those files backed up so that they are there are ready in case of a hacking emergency.

24-Hour Monitoring

Having IT in-house during a data breach is only helpful if it happens during business hours. The assistance that you have during a late-night breach is very different with 24-hour monitoring. With the network being watched around the clock, a hack can be dealt with quickly before it gets worse. A quick response can make a huge difference in how a hack of your system progresses.

Passwords and Second Networks

With managed IT, the importance of strong passwords will be driven home. You can also have a second network created so that guests will have a Wi-Fi network without ever treading on your company's main network. This closes many doors that hackers take, and it allows for guests to have a service that they need. 

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