Are Your Printers Sabotaging Cybersecurity?


When it comes to cybersecurity, the last thing you need is a traitor--but believe it or not, your office printers could be just that. Read on to find out how your most loyal office equipment might be your biggest threat!

A Strange Saboteur

You rely on your printers for a little bit of everything. They help you communicate, they keep you efficient, and they share your brand with the world--but whether you realize it or not, they also play a huge role in your cybersecurity processes.

The problem is that, since most companies accidentally overlook print security, printers go unchecked. While your printer itself probably isn't out to get you, it could be sabotaging your cybersecurity by being a weakness in your otherwise solid defenses.

Here are just a few ways your printer could be dragging down your cybersecurity processes:

  • The hard drive isn't being wiped.

    Your printer remembers data from each of your print jobs. This helps it stay fast and efficient, but a helpful feature quickly becomes a massive problem if you don't wipe the hard drive.

  • The network connections aren't secure.

    Hackers look for unsecured network printers because these are essentially an open door to your company's most sensitive data. When you're securing computers, mobile devices, and other smart machines, don't forget the printers!

  • Documents are abandoned on the printer tray.

    While cybersecurity exists in the digital realm, it's important to note that print security itself has physical elements too. Documents abandoned or forgotten on the printer tray can easily walk away in the wrong hands--which, in turn, creates a big security threat.

So, are your printers sabotaging cybersecurity? Contact us today for help protecting your data, your customers, and your company!