Back to Basics: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity seems to grow more complex by the day--which means it can quickly become frustrating, stressful, and seemingly impossible to manage. If you're worried that your cybersecurity strategy is getting out of hand, let us take you back to basics to help things make sense again.

Cybersecurity Made Simple

As a concept, cybersecurity is rarely simple. With so many elements, from print security to network security and beyond, this vital task can quickly begin to feel like a juggling act--one your company can't afford to fumble.

That's why the best approach is often the easiest one: Take a step back and break cybersecurity down to its bare essentials.

Let's see what that looks like:

What are you protecting?

This one's easy. Cybersecurity is all about protecting your company's digital assets, from banking information to customer records. However, keep in mind that this can expand to include your reputation, financial health, employee morale, and more.

Listing the assets you're trying to protect is often a good way to clarify your priorities and, thus, simplify cybersecurity overall.

What are your vulnerabilities?

Think of vulnerabilities as gaps in a castle wall--anywhere the invaders could get in. This includes network connections, mobile devices, online applications, and even unsecured network printers.

This one is a bit more difficult to pin down, as you're often unaware of every single vulnerability. However, it's smart to stay vigilant and train yourself to notice anything suspicious.

What are you defending against?

The answer to this question is, perhaps, the most difficult. Digital threats are always evolving, and cybercriminals are too. From ransomware and malware to insider threats and prolonged digital attacks, you have a lot to focus on.

The key is to create a cybersecurity strategy flexible enough to defend against the unexpected. Sure, you may not know the details of every threat in existence--but if you have a solid foundation, you can always adapt.


Although cybersecurity is far from simple, it can be simpler by taking a step back and analyzing your priorities, vulnerabilities, and goals. Remember, a little vigilance goes a long way.

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