The Basics of Printer Security


Security is now a part of every business. There are no businesses, no matter how small, that can forget about security and be safe from hackers and other thieves. These days, your printer has to be secure just like your other devices in the office. Here's how many businesses are taking care of their security needs.

Encryption and Printers

End-to-end security is a common phrase, but what does it mean? It's all about the encryption. It means that a data stream is secure from its source to its destination. This is how most computer security works these days, but it's also important to have this encryption with printers. The encryption ensures that if anyone were able to hack into a data stream, all they will see is the encryption- not the data itself. This isn't present with many older models of printers, so it's important to keep a printer fleet full of newer models that have the latest security measures.

Theft From Printers

With all of the attention paid to digital security, there is still physical printer security to take care of. When a worker has a printer print, it may be a little while before they retrieve the printouts. They could need to duck into a meeting or the restroom. They may even forget they made the printouts. With printed documents right there on the printer tray, anyone can take them, read them and/or photograph them. That's why newer printers have a locking tray. When the item is printed, it stays inside the machine until the person who printed it retrieves it. This keeps it safe from all prying eyes.

Cleaning the Cache

With the many documents that get printed from one machine, the hard drive becomes full of your sensitive data. It's important to clean out the printer cache periodically so that too much sensitive data isn't available for the taking. If you are getting rid of a printer, always remember to either wipe the hard drive or remove it from the machine completely.

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