The Best Cybersecurity Solutions are the Simplest


The truth about cybersecurity is that it's a complex, ever-changing game--but sometimes, the best way to come out on top is to go back to basics. Here are a few simple solutions that could help protect your company from even the most intricate threats.

Cybersecurity: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

When it comes to digital security, sometimes it's tempting to go on the offensive. After all, there would be nothing more satisfying than revealing a hacker's identity or catching a digital bad-guy in the act, right?

Unfortunately, these approaches aren't just dangerous for your company--they also tend to require a lot of work while still leaving your data vulnerable. That is to say; they usually don't actually keep you safe.

That's why the best cybersecurity offense is a good defense--and to protect yourself the right way, you may need to go back to basics.

  • Firewalls

Firewalls may be one of the most basic cybersecurity solutions, but they're also accessible, effective, and quick, and easy to implement. They act as a first line of defense for your data.

  • Data backups

Data backups are your cybersecurity safety net. They don't directly protect your data, but they do provide a "Plan B" in case your other defenses fail, giving you reliable access to your files even in case of a breach.

  • Updates

Most people don't really like updates, but they're a necessary--and simple--way to protect devices against attack. Just try to schedule them, so the temporary downtime doesn't cause too much disruption.

  • Employee training

Employees can be your "secret weapon" in any cybersecurity struggle. When trained properly, they work on the front lines to dodge scams, identify red flags, and keep your data safe.


Cybersecurity may be complicated, but your approach doesn't have to be. With these simple tactics up your sleeve, you'll have mastered one of the cornerstones of digital security overall: the best offense is a good (and easy) defense.

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