Can Managed Print Services Support Hybrid Workforces?


With workforces of all shapes and sizes adopting a hybrid approach, it may seem like many business solutions are a relic of "the old days." Some companies assume that includes managed print services--but is that the truth? Let's find out.

Managed Print Services, Even at Home

In order for managed print services to support a hybrid work environment, it must check three boxes: home support, office support, and cross-support. Let's take a look at all three to find out if managed print services is the right choice for hybrid workforces.


To fully support a home office, managed print services must provide a few essential solutions:

  • secure connection between printers and networks,
  • reliable home setups,
  • budget control for at-home supplies,
  • 24/7 troubleshooting,
  • and access to office print data.

A managed print provider's main goal should be to synchronize home offices with one another and with main office locations without eliminating the freedoms of remote work. This boosts security and efficiency while allowing employees to maintain autonomy.


Although you may not be using your building or workplace as much these days, managed print services solutions for the office have only grown. For example, print solutions must now allow employees to transition seamlessly between home and office environments, taking mobile devices or personal computers with them--which means your network printer fleet needs to be more flexible and more secure.


Some workforces have a handful of employees at the office while others are at home, rather than having "office days" and "home days" scheduled for everyone at the same time. This means managed print services must bridge the gap between multiple locations and keep solutions smooth and organized. Similarly, good habits need to remain consistent between all offices--for example, only printing in color in certain situations--and wasteful habits need to be monitored.

In this case, managed print helps increase visibility and keeps workers on the same page, no matter where they're located.


When managed print services checks the three boxes above, it is more than capable of supporting hybrid workforces. However, if a managed print solution is designed for only remote work or only offices, benefits are sure to be left on the table.

Looking to support a hybrid workforce? Contact us today for help implementing managed print services solutions that check all the boxes.