Clone Toner: A Toner Pirate's Weapon of Choice

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Toner pirates and clone toner are two things you have to hope never to run into--but, just in case you do, it's best to be prepared. Here's everything you need to know to keep your business and your printers safe and sound!

Meet the Toner Pirates

Toner pirates are like traditional scam callers, but with a unique disguise--they pretend to be your supplier. Once they've used this disguise to gain your trust, they'll start asking questions about your printers. Of course, your real supplier would already have this information and probably wouldn't ever request it over the phone. Still, if you don't have a solution like managed print services to help you organize your supplies and ordering processes, one of your well-meaning employees could answer these questions and accidentally walk your company right onto a toner pirate's ship.

With the "stolen" information, toner pirates will then send you invoices for toner you didn't order. Alternatively, they'll convince you to buy different toner at lower prices. Sometimes, you'll get that toner--but it will be just one more trick the pirates are trying to play.

What is Clone Toner?

Here's everything you need to know about clone toner!

#1: Manufacturer

Genuine toner is designed by a legitimate manufacturer--in general, the same company that made your printers and copiers. Clone toner, on the other hand, is made by people who reverse-engineered the original toner and found a cheaper, lower-quality way to reproduce it.

#2: Quality

All toner is made with particles. High-quality toner is made with carefully measured and manufactured particles, providing excellent image quality. While clone toner, on the other hand, uses rough particles and creates rough images.

#3: Risks

Clone toner can be especially bad for your machines. Cartridge leaks and debris buildups can shorten your device's lifespan, wear down the inner workings like rollers and fusers, and force you to spend even more money.

Are you worried about toner pirates and clone toner? Are you interested in managed print services? Contact us today to learn more!