Consider Adding Wide Format Printing

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Wide Format Printers are growing in popularity in many of today's offices. Businesses that do a lot of wide format printing are learning that outsourcing those print jobs can be costly and that those costs are reduced when they invest in the printer that can do it all. Wide format printers can do a variety of print jobs including:

  • Blueprints
  • Posters
  • Advertising Materials
  • Plans and Maps
  • ...and More!

These versatile printers can even scan and copy when you select a model with multifunction capabilities.

Wide format printers come in a variety of options for color, size, and speed. No matter what you need to print and what your budget might be, there is a wide format printer for you.

Stop Outsourcing

If you are sending out work to third-party printers, you have to deal with the high costs and lack of control that comes with that. Commercial printing can be expensive, and most vendors don't look for ways to cut costs or print more efficiently. They also have a lot of other orders to get to, so you may have to wait weeks to get your print jobs back.

With an in-house wide format printer, you'll get the freedom to print what you need when you need it. You'll also have the ability to print in more cost-effective and sustainable ways. You gain control over your printing needs, and you reduce inherent risks that come along with outsourcing.

Experience Quality and User-Friendly Functions

Today's wide format printers are user-friendly. Most have intuitive touch screen controls that make it easy to print exactly what you need. You can connect to the cloud or scan and print as needed. These printers easily connect to your network and offer options like USB support.

Today's wide format printers also produce beautiful, professional prints. You won't miss out on the quality you see from commercial printers -- you'll have that capability right in your office!

See New Possibilities

Adding a wide format printer to your fleet doesn't just give you the chance to print your usual documents. You will open up a whole world of possibilities. Now you can print your own advertising materials and experiment with new ways of connecting with potential clients. You can print professional materials for presentations or customer requests. There's no limit but your imagination.

Gobins has a huge selection of wide format printers to choose from. We can help you identify the best device for your specific needs, and stay within your budget. To find out more about wide format printing, contact us today!