Consider Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing

You may have heard about wide format printing, but you may not have thought about what a wide format printer could do for your business. Unless a company has a specific need for a wide format printer, they may not ever discover all the many things wide format printers can actually do!

Gobins Inc. has a large selection of wide format printers, with sizes ranging from 24 inches to 16 feet wide, with color options ranging from four colors to twelve colors. Here are just a few things wide format printers can do:


Whether you need point-of-purchase signage or outdoor advertising, wide format printers can do it all. You can print poster ads or backlit signs on your wide format printer. With exceptional speed, flexibility, and beautiful quality, expanding your visibility is that much easier when you can print advertisements yourself.


Depending on your business, you may have the need to print art prints. Whether it is fine art or photographs, wide format printers are the best method of printing.

Fabric or Textiles

Wide format printers can print on fabrics, making it easy to print t-shirts or textiles for advertising.

Murals, Posters, and More

From posters to fleet graphics, wide format printing does so many things you may not ever have realized. Perhaps you need to print proofs. Maybe you would like graphics for your vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

Wide format printing has much to offer almost any business. To find out more about the variety of options we carry, or to find out more about what wide format printers can offer your business, contact Gobins, Inc. today.