Critical Document Management Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

It's no secret that healthcare costs are rising, and new burdens placed upon industry leaders to meet compliance mandates aren't helping matters. Not surprisingly, administrative costs comprise more than a quarter of the industry's operating expenses.

Ready for a Better Way?

As a document-intensive industry, hidden expenditures in the print infrastructure are the perfect place to start when administrators look for creative ways to reduce operating costs. Reducing print inefficiencies with a document management system delivers a host of benefits beyond cost control. Here are the top three:

1. Reduced Costs

A reduced print spend is the most sought-after benefit gained by document management, with healthcare organizations seeing print-related costs slashed by 30% or more.

  • Supplies and equipment — From paper to printers, electronic records require far fewer materials and equipment.
  • Storage — Where are your patient files currently stored? It's not unusual for healthcare facilities to sequester entire floors for paper-based records storage. Digital files require virtually no physical storage space.
  • Personnel — Those paper files can require an entire staff to keep them organized and accessible. Digital document management can capture, index, file, and retrieve patient records in a matter of seconds without an entire army of personnel.

2. Improved Security

You know the requirements as well as the penalties, but securing paper-based records is an almost impossible task. Stop trying to protect paper and switch to document management for files that are safe, secure, backed up, and compliant.

3. Faster Document Processing & Fewer Errors

From manual data entry to physically hand-carrying records from one location to another, processing paper documents can be excruciatingly slow and prone to errors. Document management allows users to access and update records in a matter of seconds. And with real-time collaboration, doctors can consult colleagues without the restraints caused by physical location.

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