Document Management in Action: Healthcare

Healthcare worker writing on paper while typing on laptop.

At first glance, document management may sound like a solution custom-built for offices and desk jobs. However, the test of a truly reliable business solution is to see it in action elsewhere--for example, in the healthcare industry. Let's take a look at how document management holds up when lives are on the line.

Saving Lives with Document Management

If a business solution can flourish in healthcare, it can flourish just about anywhere. This is because healthcare has exceptionally high stakes--not just where patient lives are involved, but also due to the speed and urgency with which files must be accessed, updated, or shared.

Here's a look at how document management performs in three key areas:


Protecting health and well-being is only one part of a medical professional's job. Another part is protecting private information--and this task can be almost as important. With document management, healthcare experts can store and share patient records based on built-in HIPAA protocols, enabling compliance that is, in many ways, automatic.


Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals need to have constant access to all relevant data, especially patient records. Document management creates quick accessibility by allowing healthcare workers to keep files in a central repository--one that can be utilized on mobile devices for maximized flexibility.


By digitizing files and introducing online tools, document management allows healthcare organizations to save time and money--both of which can be better spent inpatient care. Document management also eliminates hurdles to traditional record-keeping, allowing healthcare experts to rely on their files without concern for human error or inefficiencies.


While document management may look like an "office solution" on the outside, it's far more than that. Document management is also being used in industries like healthcare, where the work is sometimes similar--like storing files or managing remote access--but the stakes are much higher. Luckily, document management can make a significant difference both in and out of the healthcare world.

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