Is Document Management Right for Real Estate?


Real estate experts have their work cut out for them. They have to connect buyers and sellers over a significant product--a property--and juggle complex legal deals into the bargain. Luckily, real estate is a perfect candidate for one of business's biggest solutions: document management.

Getting Home with Document Management

For real estate agents, the ultimate goal is to get clients home. Naturally, that's not as easy as it sounds--especially with so much paperwork between Point A and Point B.

The good news is that with document management, real estate firms can go back to focusing on what matters. Document management enables simple, stress-free organization--not because it's inherently more valuable than any other solution, but because it's influenced and informed by the unique needs of each industry it serves.

Essentially, document management is right for real estate because it can be personalized. Here's what that looks like:

Document storage

Managing all the paperwork in a real estate transaction can quickly become overwhelming. With document management, real estate professionals have the opportunity to digitize documents and "go paperless" to better serve clients.

Document sharing

Because touring homes, signing paperwork, and closing on properties rarely happens all in one place, it makes sense for document management to provide effective sharing solutions. That way, agents and clients can communicate no matter where the real estate journey takes them.


There are a variety of regulations that rule the real estate industry. To navigate those regulations with confidence, document management allows real estate professionals to quickly and easily create digital "rules" for storage, access, and more.


Although document management can fit any industry, it is perhaps uniquely aligned with real estate--simply because the legal, financial, and organizational needs of a real estate firm can be used as the foundation for document management solutions. Document storage, document sharing, and regulatory compliance are just a few examples of ways the real estate industry informs and shapes this personalized solution.

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