Document Management: A Shield for Your Data

shield data

How safe is your data? You might like to believe that the security you have in place is enough to defend crucial information from all kinds of digital threats, but the truth is, there might be weaknesses you can't even see. That's where document management comes in. When you take control of your data, you can shield it from digital and physical risks.

The Power of Document Management

Document management isn't just about making your workflow more efficient, cutting down on your paper usage, improving your archive processes, and generally saving you time and money--it's also about protecting one of your company's most important assets: data. Whether your files are digital documents or physical pieces of paper, they face threats every day, from hackers to natural disasters to the wrong set of eyes seeing critical info sitting on the printer tray. But how does document management create a shield for your data? Simple: it puts you back in control.

Document management minimizes physical risks.

When you know exactly where documents need to go and when they should get there, it's much easier to protect them. For example, once you understand your printing habits, you can implement policies that minimize unnecessary prints and make good use of printer features that protect documents before they're picked up.

Document management puts power where it needs to be.

Not everyone needs to have access to every document, and document management can make sure that the right people see the right information. With authentication and password options, it's easier than ever to keep your data safe.

Document management prioritizes online safety.

Thanks to document management, you can quickly and easily encrypt a document before sending it over the network--plus you have cloud storage and backup so that, even in the case of a ransomware attack, you can rest easy knowing your data is protected.

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