Does Managed Print Services Fit a Hybrid Workforce?

Hybrid work

In the switch to a hybrid workforce, many businesses found that certain existing approaches had been rendered obsolete. While this represents an opportunity for growth and change, it also poses a significant question: How do you know which solutions can be carried over to a hybrid environment?

The good news is that, with solutions like managed print services, the answer is obvious--as long as you know where to look.

Managed Print Services in the New Normal

Whether you feel "the new normal" is an apt description of your hybrid workforce or are frankly sick of the term, one thing is clear: Hybrid work is here to stay.

In choosing tools, solutions, and approaches for this new model, however, you may start to realize that you don't know what "normal" looks like anymore. This is a new path--how can you anticipate what's coming around the corner? How can you choose tools to navigate a future no one has shaped yet?

Luckily, the right solutions make their usefulness obvious in a few key ways. Take, for example, managed print services which delivers results in all the areas most important to a hybrid workforce:


When workforces are physically scattered, it's too easy to become mentally scattered as well. A strong solution should eliminate this risk by supporting efficiency in ways that make sense for hybrid needs--for example, the way managed print identifies and eliminates unnecessary steps from your workflow.


Collaboration is key in a hybrid workforce. Solutions like managed print services make teamwork simpler and more effective by eliminating communication barriers, implementing rules for file creating and sharing, and encouraging users to rethink approaches too heavily anchored in the physical world (like excess or unnecessary printing).


A hybrid workforce needs to stay flexible and up-to-date, which means there's no room to waste money on solutions that will become obsolete in just a few months. It's even more important to find solutions that actively protect your budget--a promise managed print services keeps by helping you find smarter, simpler ways to leverage your existing tech (for example, by optimizing your print fleet).


No matter how you feel about the term "the new normal," it's an apt description for the rise of hybrid work--and a good way to think about the unique approaches you'll need to embrace. Luckily, it's easy to tell a long-term solution from a soon-to-be-obsolete one by looking for key benefits like efficiency, collaboration support, and cost savings.

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