Does Managed Print Services Really Save Money?

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Lots of business solutions claim to save money--but chances are, they do so indirectly, addressing other needs first and saving money along the way. Managed print services is different. Here's a look at what makes this solution stand out from the crowd!

The Truth About Managed Print

Although managed print services sounds like the kind of solution that would focus on, well, printing, the truth is that it's actually a money-saver in disguise. Sure, the tools and changes suggested by a managed print provider may start at the printer, but the end product is always a happier budget.

Of course, you don't have to take anyone's word for it. Instead, take a look at how managed print actually works to save money in businesses of all kinds:

#1: It controls fleets.

Printers easily get out of hand. Inefficient, expensive, and often frustrating, an uncontrolled printer fleet can wreak havoc on any company's budget--which is why fleet control is a big part of managed print services.

By helping companies identify which printers are meeting their needs and which are inefficient or superfluous, managed print protects print budgets. No more extra printers means no more excessive supply orders, no more exhaustive maintenance and repairs, and no more money wasted on machines that aren't carrying their weight.

#2: It provides new options.

Traditional procedures are usually outdated and expensive. Managed print not only identifies and eliminates those procedures--it also provides new, digital replacements. Digital solutions are cheaper to maintain and easier to implement--and they waste a lot less ink and paper, too.

#3: It responds to personalized needs.

Every company is different, which means every company's money-saving journey needs to be different too. Managed print stands out among business solutions because it adapts to unique needs, responding to data gathered directly from print environments, usage habits, and print analytics to recommend solutions that actually save money.


Although all kinds of business solutions claim to save money, managed print services gets the job done by being adaptive, savvy, and efficient. Through visible changes and measurable improvements, managed print saves money instead of just talking about it.

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