Does Mobile Printing Fit Pandemic Life?


Whether you're new to mobile printing or have been utilizing this tool for years, you've probably got one big question: how does this solution fit into pandemic life? Today we'll take a candid look at mobile printing in the age of social distancing, masks, and more hand-washes than anyone can count.

On-the-Go When You're Not On-the-Go

Mobile printing has one big claim to fame: it's a solution that allows you to print when you're on the go. But what about now, when we're not so much on the go as on the couch?

The truth is that while COVID-19 has complicated many elements of the business world, one thing it hasn't touched is mobile printing. While you may not need to use mobile printing in the same ways you did before, you can still make use of this innovative tool--and it introduces some creative solutions to pandemic problems in the workplace.

Let's take a look at a few of those problems and the ways you can utilize mobile print to solve them!

  • Problem: Computer access isn't always clean.

    When employees are stuck waiting for computer access before printing anything, they might turn to borrowing a coworker's workspace. That's an easy way to spread germs--and it's certainly not socially distant. However, mobile printing solves this problem by allowing employees to print from wherever they are, allowing them to stay safe and efficient.

  • Problem: Printers are a workplace hub.

    Let's face it: a line at the printer was bad news even before the pandemic. However, now that busy printers can be a health risk, it's more important than ever to utilize creative solutions. Mobile printing means that employees can choose from any printer, eliminate backups at any one machine, and keep everyone socially distant.

  • Problem: Remote workers are less connected.

    Need to keep your remote workforce in the loop? Mobile printing is an easy way to keep employees connected even while working from home. As long as they have an Internet connection and a mobile device, they're all set.

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