Everything You Need to Know About Toner Pirates


What are "toner pirates?" Do they pose a real threat to your business? How can you stop them? Today, we'll answer all these questions and more so you can keep your company safe from toner pirates.

Repelling Boarders

"Toner pirate" is a term used to describe scam callers who try to trick your employees into thinking that you've ordered supplies you don't actually need, or that your current supplier is raising prices. They're trying to take advantage of any poor communication or misunderstandings in your company, hoping they can make your employees think everything is legit.

Here are a few red flags to help you identify a toner pirate:

  • They never mention specific prices.
  • They refuse to give you anything in writing.
  • They ask for the serial numbers on your office equipment.
  • They use a name that sounds similar to your supplier's name.
  • They pressure you to make choices immediately, sometimes for a "free gift."

If you notice any of these bad signs on a phone call, it's time to start "repelling boarders" in order to keep these toner pirates out of your way. Here are a few things you can do to stay safe and secure!

#1: Use managed print services.

With managed print, you can keep track of your consumables, supply orders, and supplier information, making toner pirates almost powerless.

#2: Don't answer questions.

If a caller asks for serial numbers, order information, or names. Instead, take a message and report the incident to your ordering department.

#3: Ask for an account number.

You and your supplier are the only two who should have your account number--which means that this is a great way to chase off those pesky pirates.

#4: Contact proper authorities.

Toner pirates can wreak havoc on your business, your reputation, and your bottom line. When you identify a scam call, it's best to contact the proper authorities to help limit future risk.

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