Five Ways Scanning is a Game Changer


Are you taking full advantage of the features on your company's multifunction printer? Many businesses don't realize the full capabilities of these high-performing devices, using them for basics like copying and printing but little else.

Companies who recognize the potential found in scanning documents using their MFP have discovered a true productivity-enhancing advantage.

How Scanning Changes Everything

Scanning is a workflow game changer. If you're unfamiliar with the benefits, here are five with the biggest payback:

1. Scanning to Folders or Networks

Paper-based processes are inefficient, costly, and frustratingly slow. Through scanning, your staff can digitize and route documents directly to folders, cloud repositories, document management systems, and network drives. Expect these advantages:

  • Improved collaboration for staff members, including remote and BYOD employees.

  • Version control, including audit trails and features that maintain the integrity of the original document.

  • Improved document security.

  • Data backup to keep information safe in the event of natural disaster or other data loss.

2. Scanning to Email

Most multifunction printers include fax capabilities and the scan to email feature is another benefit. Users simply scan documents and email them directly to the intended recipient.

3. Process Automation

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a process that converts documents into editable PDF text. Employees can automatically index, file and store scanned documents, automating the entire process.

4. Streamlining Workflows

Businesses that still rely on paper processes are missing an opportunity to improve productivity and save money. Scanning replaces cumbersome paper-based systems with digital workflows to save time and money and reduce errors.

5. Improving Customer Service

Digitizing paper documents allows your employees to serve your customers better. When information is readily available to answer customer inquiries, customer satisfaction soars.

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