Go Paperless With Scanning


If you've made a commitment to reach your paperless office goals, you already know that scanning is an integral part of the process. To ensure your ultimate success, read blow to learn how document capture works and what you can do to streamline the scanning process.

Data Capture and Document Capture—What's The Difference?

Document capture and data capture are two different scanning processes. Here's a quick run-down of the differences.

  • Document capture is the process of scanning and converting existing paper documents into digital versions of the same document. The formats most often used include JPEG, PDF, and TIFF.
  • Data capture is different from document capture in that it doesn't create an electronic image of the document. It uses software to extract data from forms like invoices and credit applications. It then routes the captured information directly to electronic workflows.

Scanning 101

Scanning your documents isn't difficult, and after a few attempts, it'll become a relatively fast process.

  1. Prep your documents. This part takes a little time but skipping it can cause some problems with the entire scanning process. Remove all paper clips, staples, and sticky notes. (If you need to include the note, just tape it down.) Repair tears and sort your documents into batches.
  2. Convert and capture. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to complete the scanning process. Various models are available to meet your requirements, including scanners that can process checks and other specialized documents.
  3. Index your documents. Indexing is a critical part of the scanning process. Don't skimp on this step, unless you don't care whether you can locate your documents or not! Whether you choose keywords or full text, there are a variety of methods for accomplishing the task.

Scanning your documents is a proven solution for making your information readily available to authorized personnel within your organization. Contact us at Gobin's Business Solutions to get started today!