How to Choose a Managed Print Provider


If you've already decided that managed print services are a good fit for you, then the hard work is over--or is it? Now you have to find a provider with all the right values, services, and expertise, and with so many options out there, it's easy to feel a little lost. Luckily, when you're armed with the right information, finding a managed print provider can be a breeze.

The Interview

Think of choosing a managed print services provider like interviewing potential candidates for an important job. Right now, they're just applicants--but once you choose them, they will be a huge part of your team: helping make decisions, protect your data, serve your customers, and improve your work life. Approaching the process this way gives you the freedom to put yourself firmly in the driver's seat. Remember, managed print providers aren't in charge of you or your company; rather, they're partners--but first, they need to earn that position.

Here are a few ways to "interview" potential providers:

  • #1: Ask about their priorities.

    A good managed print provider should be proud of their work, their values, and their employees. As such, they'll be happy to tell you what they would prioritize in their relationship with you--whether that's cost savings, security, upgrades, or something else.

  • #2: Do your own research.

    Don't be afraid to do a little "amateur background check" on potential candidates for your managed print services provider. You want to know about their reputation, professionalism, attention to detail, and their role in the community at large.

  • #3: Pay attention to the little things.

    If you get a bad feeling about a provider, trust it. This is probably a sign that they aren't treating you quite right--for example, dodging your questions or failing to stay in constant contact with you. Additionally, if they don't ask you some questions to learn about your business and your goals, they're probably not interested in creating a solid partnership.

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