How Does Managed Print Services Fit into Education?

Woman teacher using printer machine in school hallway.

Educational organizations have a tightly interwoven web of needs, challenges, goals, and people to serve--which means they need specialized solutions that can be as flexible as they are. Here's a look at how managed print services does all this and more for teachers, students, and other members of the education world.

Turning to Managed Print Services

With so many challenges facing modern education--budgeting, security, and efficiency, just to name a few--it might make sense to start with financial solutions or leadership support. Few members of the education world expect managed print services to be the answer to their troubles--but once they turn to this solution, they rarely want to turn back.

That's because managed print services addresses some of the biggest pain points in educational organizations all at once. Rather than paying for and implementing multiple solutions, educators and administrators can use managed print services to provide one very simple answer to many complicated questions.

How Managed Print Works

Although managed print services is an outsourced solution, it's highly personalized--which means it's actively adapted to the needs of each individual institution. Here's how it works:

  • Needs are analyzed.

Managed print services providers begin their work with a print audit, which helps both the provider and the institutional leaders understand the inner workings of the print environment. This involves looking at data from across the school--supply orders, printer habits, print volumes, and more.

  • Solutions are implemented.

Once the schools needs have been compared to habits revealed by the print audit, the managed print provider helps choose solutions that will bridge the gap. For example, teachers are encouraged to print double-sided assignments when possible to save paper without interrupting efficiency.

  • Goals are put in place.

Once the solutions are up and running, schools can create short- and long-term goals for their print environment. Short-term goals may include automating supply orders or simplifying print strategies, while long-term goals could be as broad as reducing costs or improving data security.

In conclusion, managed print services fits comfortably into the education world because it's flexible, adaptable, and creative--just like educators themselves. This solution can help schools create and reach short- and long-term goals that benefit teachers, administrators, and students alike.

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