How HP Mobile Printing Fits the New Normal

Smart Phone with HP printing app on screen

Whether you're looking forward to creating the "new normal" or are already sick of hearing the phrase, one thing's for sure: it's coming, and it's coming fast. To make sure your company is prepared for whatever the world throws at us, it's important to select and implement solutions that can go with the flow--so here's a look at how HP mobile printing fits the bill.

Different Jobs, Different Needs

Since so much work is happening from home these days, it's important for companies to find comfortable, effective, efficient solutions for tasks that keep the team safe and connected--like printing. However, if printing during the pandemic makes you want to tear your hair out, you aren't alone. Remote and flex work have each put unique strains on the traditional business model, meaning that companies are left wondering how to continue doing the things that keep workflows functioning.

That's the beauty of HP mobile printing: it's mobile.

Regardless of how you choose to implement mobile printing solutions, you can rely on them to be effective during the pandemic and beyond, simply because they literally go where you go. Here are a few ways HP mobile printing fits into the needs you may already be facing in your changing business model:

Working in the office

Office work looks a little bit different these days--or maybe a lot different. Luckily, HP mobile printing keeps users from queuing up in front of the printers, and it limits the need to touch a shared screen, allowing users to rely on personal mobile devices instead.

Working from home

HP makes mobile printing solutions just as easy to implement from the couch as at the office. These solutions keep remote workers connected to a company printer without introducing security risks or other unknowns, either to the company or to an employee's home.

Flex work

With HP mobile printing, flex workers can go back and forth between home and office devices without having to switch interfaces or settings. They can benefit from both at-home and in-person printing solutions, all while limiting exposure.

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