How to Make Toner Pirates Walk the Plank

phone scam

Toner pirates can be a problem for your company--unless, of course, you know what to look for and what to do. Here are a few simple ways to make those toner pirates walk the plank!

Lifting Your Spyglass

Before you can protect yourself from toner pirates, you need to know what they look like.

In general, toner pirates use suspiciously generic vendor names to trick you into thinking they're legit. They'll ask you for information your real vendor would already have, like the make and model of your copiers.

On top of that, they're especially dodgy. They won't give you specific answers (or any answers at all) about pricing, and they outright refuse to share their names or phone numbers. They're banking on the fact that you don't have a solution like managed print in place to help you keep track of your vendor information and supply orders.

Toner pirates have a dangerous but straightforward three-step "boarding operation" to attack your company:

  • #1: They'll call you and trick you into sharing information about your copiers, company, and sometimes even the person who orders your supplies.
  • #2: They'll call you again, this time using the "stolen" information to convince you they're selling toner. They will pressure you into buying what they insist is cheaper, better quality toner.
  • #3: Finally, you get an invoice--whether you ordered toner or not. If you do get the toner, it will be low-quality and often risky to use in your printers.

Repelling Boarders

Here's how to make those toner pirates walk the plank!

  • Ask questions.

Toner pirates hate specifics. Ask for exact costs, names, and details, and they're likely to make a break for calmer waters.

  • Don't order over the phone.

Your real supplier probably won't call you to do business over the phone. Make sure you know how your vendor operates!

  • Keep things organized.

Knowing who orders supplies and when the next order is scheduled can keep you organized and safe.

Are you worried about toner pirates? Managed print can help. Contact us today to get started!