How to Sink Toner Pirates

woman on phone looking confused

Toner pirates are just as bad as they sound--so to make sure they don't "board your ship" and scam you out of money or personal information, it's important to arm yourself (with knowledge, that is). Let's find out how to sink toner pirates!

What is a Toner Pirate?

Toner pirates are essentially scam callers who rely on you not having a solution like managed print services. They're counting on your company to be ill-organized, confused, and full of faulty communication. Here are a few things they might do:

  1. They'll call you, pretending to be from your actual supplier, and insist that they can get you a discount on toner. If your employees don't have all the right information, it's easy to fall for this one.
  2. They'll send you an invoice for supplies you didn't order, and it will be addressed to your company and one of your employees. (They usually find this information online.)
  3. They'll send you multiple invoices with big "past due" warnings, threatening to take legal action against you if you don't pay up.

Now that you know what a toner pirate looks like, it's time to find out how to stop them.

Repelling Boarders

Here are a few simple ways to sink toner pirates before they cause any trouble!

  • Stay organized.

Solutions like managed print help you keep track of your supplies and orders, rendering toner pirates completely helpless.

  • Ask questions.

Toner pirates don't like giving specific information, so you can spot them by asking for order numbers or account numbers.

  • Stay vigilant.

If a call feels suspicious or involves any promise of a "free gift," it's usually best to hang up. That's the best way to stay safe from these scamming scalawags!

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