How Small Business Can Win at Cybersecurity

Small business owner holding tablet while at work.

It's an unfortunate truth that small businesses are often a hacker's first target. That's likely alarming news; however, it doesn't mean you're entirely helpless in the matter. There are a few simple ways for small businesses to win at cybersecurity--you just have to know where to look.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Because small businesses have unique needs in every arena, it makes sense to tailor your cybersecurity approach as well. Although many solutions simply won't be adapted to your situation, others--like managed IT services--can be built specifically around your business.

Regardless of the tools and solutions you choose, a strong strategy will always be the most important part of your cybersecurity arsenal. Here are a few approaches to help you come out on top:

Consistent monitoring

Monitoring helps you detect and analyze unusual behavior on your networks and devices. This is your first line of defense and can help you pick up on hints that a hacker may be trying to gain access (or already has). With this information, you can make more accurate decisions about the next steps.

Disaster recovery planning

Although no one wants to imagine every worst-case scenario, your small business needs your support in this area. Disaster recovery planning gives you a comprehensive roadmap to follow should a breach or other security event occur, limiting the extent of the damage and removing the risk of panic.

Creating an environment of shared learning

No one is born with complete cybersecurity knowledge. Instead, we learn from one another and from materials provided to us--so embrace this process by creating an environment where employees are always encouraged to ask questions. That way, you can get ahead of potentially damaging human error and build strong, savvy teams.


Although cybersecurity best practices are always changing, one thing remains clear: Small businesses will always be a target. For this reason, leaders and employees alike must actively work toward a safer, smarter environment--and to do that, it's vital to research and implement approaches that help you win at cybersecurity.

Are you concerned about cybersecurity in your small business? Contact us today for help from solutions like managed IT services.