It's Time to Check In on Your MFP Security

Businessman Checking his Watch

One thing security can never have too much of? Attention.

Checking in on the security of all the aspects of your office is good practice, and should be done at regular intervals. There are different steps and considerations for every area. This guide will help you assess the security of your multifunction printers (MFPs).

1. Who has Access?

For this step, take into account the people who are using the office MFPs. MFPs are often accessed by many users. For security purposes, each user should have a password or ID card designed to allow usage. Within those user groups, your MFP can limit or grant particular actions. Do a checkup of access, and ensure that each user has the proper privileges. Also, make sure old user passwords or access is deleted. Additionally, now is a good time to check in with all users and make sure they are following security protocols. Some of those might include creating good passwords and not sharing access.

2. What's Being Printed?

The next step is to think about the documents that are making their way through the printers. There are a few different concerns related to documents, including:

  • Use of encryption
  • Access to sensitive documents
  • Watermarks on proprietary documents
  • Tracking of documents

In addition, MFPs typically store images of everything that they print, scan, fax, or copy. It's critical that the hard drives be cleared out periodically.

3. How's the Network?

The last key step to your security checkup has to do with the network. For this, it's good to assess the overall network and ensure everything is working smoothly and securely. This step can also include checking up on all the devices that are on the network or in the office. For example, there may be older devices that aren't as secure (like desktop printers) and should be removed.

Conducting a security check is a great time to refresh and get everyone on board with security measures. It's also a great time to assess the health of your devices, rethink processes, and add on a managed print service if needed.

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