Managed IT: The 4 Firewall Types


The good old firewall is a great security tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes--but did you know you have four different types to choose from, and that each has its own strengths? Today, with a little help from managed IT, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the four firewall types.

Why Are Firewalls Important?

Before we get into the details, let's take a moment to reflect on why it's important to talk about firewalls at all. There are all kinds of security solutions, processes, and tools out there, but the truth is that your firewall is your first line of defense--and, oftentimes, your best chance at repelling cyberattacks. Of course, that's only one piece of the puzzle; managed IT services providers can help make sure you have multiple layers of protection, so that your firewall isn't your only hope.

4 Types

Here's a closer look at the four types of firewall!

  • Type #1: Software

Although this type of firewall is fairly common, it's also the least secure. This is because it searches for threats only after data has traveled through your network and reached your devices--which isn't always efficient. Remember, though, firewall software is better than no firewall at all.

  • Type #2: Hardware

Hardware firewalls are basically the opposite of firewall software. Rather than acting reactively, this type of firewall stands between data and your network, meaning that nothing gets through without being checked first.

  • Type #3: Cloud-based

The great thing about cloud-based firewalls is that they combine the strengths of the previous two types--simplicity and strength--while introducing even more control options that put you firmly in the driver's seat. This type is generally favored by tech experts since it's more complicated and intensive.

  • Type #4: FWaaS

This firewall type expands on the cloud-based service, but is geared more toward user-friendliness and mobile security--and it doesn't require any hardware.

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