Is Managed IT Services Right for Small Businesses?


Small businesses have unique considerations when it comes to solutions--and even more to think about when it comes to IT. If you're looking for tech tools, one thing you may have encountered is managed IT services. You've probably heard good things--but does that mean managed IT is right for small businesses? Here's what you need to know.

Scaling Managed IT Services

The truth about managed IT services is that it's designed to be scaled. There's no "ideal company" for managed IT; instead, a provider works with each business to build strategies, solutions, and suggestions from the ground up. Companies are never forced to adapt to changes that don't fit their workflows or objectives.

Furthermore, managed IT services can be scaled as you go. That means you're not locked into any one type of tool or solution--rather, you can utilize more services as you grow or scale back if your budget gets tight.

All of these things make managed IT an option for small businesses--but does that mean it's always going to be a perfect fit?

Deciding on Managed IT Services

Although managed IT services is designed to fit any company, that doesn't necessarily mean it's designed for yours, right? Here are a few common hesitations:

  • Budget

Because you're free to pick and choose solutions with managed IT, you can generally make this solution fit any budget. Managed IT services can also help you save money and, thus, further protect your budget.

However, if you're concerned, reach out to a potential provider. They can help you navigate cost structures to see if this solution is a good fit.

  • Needs

Some small businesses worry they're simply too small for managed IT. While it's true that a single home office probably doesn't have enough tech to warrant outsourcing, most businesses--even small ones--could benefit from structural support, security solutions, and more.

  • Growth

When you're experiencing a lot of growth, you may be hesitant to implement a new solution--especially if you expect your needs to fluctuate unpredictably. Remember, managed IT services is designed to help manage growth and can scale to changing needs; however, if it's going to be a source of stress, it may be wise to wait until you're a bit more comfortable.

In conclusion, managed IT services is designed to adapt to businesses of all shapes and sizes--but it's still up to you to decide whether this solution is right for your needs.

For help making that decision, contact us today. We're always happy to discuss managed IT services!