Managed Print is Helping Your Office Go Green


Going green is important for every facet of society and companies have a big part in this process. When you can save resources, you save space in landfills and keep more resources from having to be used to replace the old ones. 

Saving Paper

Enormous amounts of paper are used in the U.S. every year, and most of it is not recycled. Paper has a huge impact on the environment, and cutting down on its use is the goal in most industries. Managed print services can help with your company's paper waste by instituting a tally of all the printing done in the office and who did that printing. This encourages workers to cut out the printing jobs that don't really need to be done, making less paper needed by your office. If every employee can cut back a little on their paper usage, it means big things for your going-green initiative.

Saving Ink and Cartridges

With less printing comes less ink being used. The ink itself is often non-biodegradable, and it is used in enormous volumes all over the country. Even worse for the environment are the cartridges that it comes in. They are made to be highly durable in order to stand up to the harsh environment inside of printers. This durability means that it takes a lot of resources to make these cartridges, and it creates an enormous carbon footprint. By using less ink, fewer cartridges will have to be made. For each cartridge that your company can save, more than 10 pounds of carbon dioxide are saved from going into the air.

Good Business

Going green is more than just good for the environment- it's also a smart business move. Using fewer resources means saving money, and that money can then be used for more important aspects of the business. Going green also comes with goodwill from employees as well as customers. The new, green aspect of your business can be touted in marketing materials and used in sales pitches. Employee morale will be higher, knowing that everything you say about going green is true.

If your company is seeking ways to go greener, contact us today to find out more about managed print services and how they can help.