Managed Print Services at Work: 3 Case Studies


What's the best way to find out what managed print services can really do? Watch it at work, of course! Here are three case studies that show just what this solution is capable in some of the biggest and most important industries.

A Closer Look at Managed Print

With so many choices, benefits, and solutions, managed print services can be difficult to research. After all, there's so much to consider--and so many different possibilities for each type of business.

For this reason, it's often helpful to take a closer look at managed print. To do that, we've organized a few case studies of relevant industries--not because managed print is only capable of serving these areas, but because these examples showcase the biggest and best things you can expect.

Let's dive in!


Healthcare organizations have all kinds of specialized needs when it comes to documents and printers. Efficiency is key, but so is compliance--and managed print services helps find the perfect balance between these two goals. By providing security solutions that don't add extra steps to workflows, managed print makes patient privacy a breeze.


The next generation of thinkers and problem-solvers depends on managed print services. How? Well, managed print makes it possible to review budgets and improve habits, which leads to cost-savings--and that money can be used for better teaching equipment in classrooms.

Auto dealerships

Buying a car comes with lots of paperwork. While some of this information can be shared digitally, a certain amount will always live on hard copies--which means auto dealerships need managed print services in order to print smarter, organize their data, and make sales simpler.


Managed print services is pretty impressive. It's capable of adapting to the wildly different needs of industries like healthcare, education, and auto sales--and, better yet, it can do the same for your business.

To find out what managed print services has in store, contact us today!