Meridian Temperature Screening Kiosks

Man and woman wearing face masks in office

To keep clients and employees safe, happy, and healthy, new measures must be taken--like, for example, temperature screenings. Luckily, Meridian Kiosks make temperature screenings a breeze. Here's everything you need to know!

Safe and Healthy

These days, companies are looking for any creative solution that will keep them afloat amidst the uncertainty of pandemic life. Temperature screenings are a great option because they make it possible for businesses to stay open while also staying safe and healthy! But the truth is that the very idea of temperature screenings is a little unfamiliar, which means this solution can be tricky to implement.

When looking for temperature screening solutions, your priorities should be:

  • safety,
  • precision,
  • and reliability.

With these priorities in mind, it's a little easier to choose solutions that feel like a good fit. After all, you wouldn't want your solutions to cause more problems than they solve! The good news is that Meridian Temperature Screening Kiosks are one solid option for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How it Works

Let's take a closer look at temperature screenings with Meridian Kiosks!

Safety: a socially distant solution

Having someone stand outside your door with a thermometer is one way of doing temperature screenings--but it's not a very effective one. Kiosks are a safer choice because they allow for self-service, which is, by definition, a socially distant solution.

Precision: accuracy you can count on

Accuracy is always important, but it's never been this important. Correct temperature reporting is an absolute must when it comes to screenings--both for your workplace's safety and your customers' peace of mind.

Reliability: service when you need it

Let's face it: pandemic life can be overwhelming. Meridian Kiosks come with service and support options so that you never have to face it alone.

If you need help implementing safety solutions in your company or want to learn more about Meridian Kiosks, contact us today!