A New Way to Think About Your MFP

business person thinking

MFPs have been a regular part of the business world for a long while now, which means that many companies can start to overlook them. This isn't exactly a world-ending tragedy, but it can lead to some missed opportunities for boosting efficiency--so today, we're introducing a brand-new way of thinking about your MFP.

Put Your MFP to Work For You

Multifunction devices of all shapes and sizes already play a crucial role in just about everything, from internal communication to customer satisfaction--but did you know that an MFP is only the beginning? The truth is that, when you do your homework and implement the right processes, your MFP becomes an efficient launchpad for all kinds of other business solutions that save even more time, money, and stress than the MFP itself. Don't look at your MFP as just a machine--look at it as the key into a world of new opportunities.

Putting your MFP to work for you is as simple as choosing new software, technology, and processes that utilize the hardware you already have, including:

  • wireless printing, which allows your MFP to communicate with all the mobile devices in your workplace to allow fast, on-the-go printing;
  • advanced security processes, which integrate your MFP into your existing security procedures in smoother, more reliable ways;
  • customized user experiences, allowing you to control who has access to what, highlight the most commonly used processes, and create shortcuts for more complicated functions;
  • and waste management options, putting you in control of minimizing unnecessary prints and saving your budget and the environment.

Ready to change the way you look at your MFP? Contact us today for help putting your machine to work for you!