Nonprofits are Adopting and Outsourcing Managed IT Services


The needs of nonprofits are unique, and they often face problems with staffing shortages, funds shortfalls, and heavy employee workloads. Outsourcing managed IT services can be an enormous help to these organizations for all of those reasons. 

Nonprofit Budgets

Many nonprofits operate on a shoestring, and they often aren't sure from one year to the next how funding will fall. Outsourcing the IT department to managed IT services can take a significant burden off the company. Hiring an IT department to work in the office is often far too expensive for most nonprofits, but these organizations are just as susceptible to cybercriminals. Instead of devoting much of the org's budget to IT, outsourcing the department to a remote location will ensure that the nonprofit is kept protected from hackers as well as able to get help when it's needed.

Employee Workloads

The workloads at nonprofits are notoriously heavy with these organizations trying to get by with the smallest staff possible. The workloads carried by many staff members are simply too heavy to also insist that employees take on IT tasks. Without an IT department, it often falls to many workers to take care of different aspects of the organization's IT needs. This can hurt the computer network, as many people working on different things often end with many different problems and no clear answer. It also hurts their jobs, as they often have a lot to do in IT and can take care of their regular tasks.

IT Expertise

When ordinary employees are asked to take on IT tasks, those tasks are completed by personnel who don't have the expertise needed to keep the network running well. When you outsource the IT positions, the expertise of the techs who will monitor your network will allow it to stay up and running. When problems arise, and they always do, your outsourced IT techs will know just what to do and can handle it in a timely manner. 

If your nonprofit is ready for a better way to handle IT tasks, call us today to find out more. We can offer high-tech managed IT services that keep your network monitored around the clock.