Phishing Scams: Don't Get Scared, Get Educated!

phishing alert

What's the best way to avoid a phishing scam? If you ask around, you'll probably get all kinds of answers that might partially work, but the truth is that there's only one real solution: educate yourself so that you know exactly what to expect and how to avoid falling victim. There's a lot to cover, so get out a note-pad and get studying!

What is Phishing?

Imagine a cyber-criminal as a fisherman, lowering a fishing rod into the "ocean" that is the Internet. There's a worm on the end of the string--an interesting offer, an article from a trustworthy source, or anything that might convince you to click on a certain link--and you, an innocent fish, take a bite by clicking that link. The only problem is that this apparently trustworthy source has actually just stolen your financial information, taken your data, or installed malware. That's how phishing works, and it's a big--and expensive--problem.

Now, with a little help from a solution like managed IT services, you can keep your company pretty safe. With that said, it's always helpful to know a few tricks for avoiding these phishing emails.

  • Always check the sender. Cyber-criminals make their "bait" look trustworthy by mimicking trustworthy email addresses, but there are usually suspicious signs like misspellings or improper brand names.
  • Look for obvious errors. Most trustworthy, legitimate companies aren't going to send out an email riddled with grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Check to make sure the email looks like it was written by a professional before you interact.
  • Hover over links before clicking. Never click a link before hovering your mouse over it first! This will allow you to see where the link actually takes you--and if the site destination doesn't match up, stay far away.

Don't let phishing scams scare you. With a few simple tips and a little help from managed IT, you can make your business safer than ever. Contact us today to get started!