The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Managed Print Services


Managed print services are helpful for keeping printing costs under control, but they come with a number of other benefits as well. Here's what you can expect from managed print services for your own business.

Accountability for Employees

If your printing costs are out of control, it may be due in part to printing that isn't necessary. When there is no accountability, there is no reason not to print anything and everything. Employees may even be printing their own personal documents in addition to using the printers for company use. This problem can be halted with the use of managed print services to keep employees accountable. With constant tallies of who is printing and how much they are doing so, the overuse of the printer is highly discouraged. This can help get those printing costs back under control.

Assessment and Maintenance

Getting managed print services would not be helpful if the printers themselves didn't work. Part of this service is to assess the entire printer fleet in the beginning to remove old printers that don't work well and make sure newer ones are in good working order. As time goes on, this also includes maintenance for the fleet to keep the machines working longer. Regular maintenance can help to prevent printers from breaking down and needing expensive repairs. And with the regular maintenance of the machines, your staff doesn't have to cope with printer downtime.

Stocking Supplies

Have you ever tried to use a printer only to find that it's out of ink? Once it's out of ink, time is lost until the right ink can be purchased and installed. This downtime can be avoided entirely with managed print. Getting the right supplies ordered as they are needed helps to keep the printers running. Instead of waiting until the need is immediate, the fleet is monitored so that ink and paper can be purchased before they are needed. 

If your business needs to get better control over its printing costs, contact us today about getting started with managed print services.