Repelling Boarders: How to Dodge Toner Pirates

business scam

All hands on deck! There's a frustrating--and slightly scary--new scam to be on the lookout for, and it's something you might not expect: toner pirates. Today we'll find out who they are, what they do, and how to keep them from boarding your ship.

Who Are the Toner Pirates?

Toner pirates aren't quite as bloodthirsty as their eye-patched, peg-legged counterparts, but they do use all kinds of dishonorable tactics to steal your hard-earned money. So who are these toner pirates? They're just like traditional scam callers with a more specific angle. They focus on pretending to be your supplier so they can sell you "discounted toner." Of course, the toner is actually low-quality or the wrong type, or it doesn't exist at all--but the pirates don't care. They want you to trick you into paying for it.

Managed print services is the best way to repel these boarders. With managed print, it's easier than ever to keep up with your supplies, your account numbers, and your ordering habits. This means that you'll be able to see right through the scam.

Dodging Pirates

Are you looking for more ways to avoid these scalawags? Here are a few simple ways to keep your company safe from toner pirates!

  • #1: Know your supplier.

You and your supplier have an established business relationship--you know how communication with them should work. They already have your account number, they know the make and model of your printers, and they have an idea of what your business needs are. If a caller doesn't have this information, they're probably a pirate.

  • #2: Organize.

If there's only one person, or department, in charge of ordering, organizing, and storing your supplies, then toner pirates will have a much harder time trying to trick the rest of your employees.

  • #3: Stay suspicious.

Toner pirates won't be able to give you any specific information. They'll dodge your questions and try to pressure you into making choices--so stay suspicious! It's safer to just hang up.

Are you worried about toner pirates? Contact us today for more information about repelling these boarders.