Save Money with a Print Assessment!


There are all kinds of print solutions available to help you boost efficiency, save time, or improve security--but did you know there's one solution straight from managed print services that can do all of that and save money? Here's a look at why a print assessment might be your company's new best friend!

What is a Print Assessment?

A print assessment is the powerful, hardworking first step of managed print services. It's exactly what it sounds like: your provider will come into your company and take a careful look at just about everything, from your habits and needs to your fleet and supplies. Armed with this information, your provider will be able to get a complete understanding of you, your company, and the potential solutions that would fit perfectly into the way you do things (and, sometimes, the changes that will shake up your company in all the right ways).

A Savvy Way to Save

Now that you know what a print assessment is, it's time to find out what it can do!

Save Time

If you have too many steps in a specific workflow or if your printer fleet is causing chaos, a print assessment can tell you. No time-wasting tool, flawed process, or so-called "solution" is safe from a print assessment if those things are hurting your bottom line.

Save Energy

A print assessment helps you get a clearer, more objective view of what's going on in your business. By helping identify places where your efforts would be put to better use (and make a more positive impact), a print assessment saves all kinds of energy.

Save Money

Saving time and energy naturally helps you save money, but there are other, more specific things a print assessment does for your budget. For example, by helping you trace exactly where your money goes, a print assessment allows you to choose focused solutions that will address any issues right at the source--like implementing better supply organization, so you don't waste money over-ordering.

Ready to see how much money a print assessment can save in your business? Want to learn more about managed print? Contact us today!