Save Time and Money With Invoice Scanning

Is paper-based invoicing slowing down your payment processes? Paper invoicing makes heavy requirements on staff time, and it can bring turnaround times to a slow crawl.

Fortunately for your business, there's an alternative solution. Invoice scanning delivers a host of attractive benefits, all of which can save your company considerable time and money.

Automate Everything

The key advantage to invoice scanning comes through automation. Any office equipment with the capability to eliminate manual paper shuffling is a win for your bottom line. Invoice scanning is one such win. Check out these time-saving benefits:

1. Eliminate manual input — Manual data input wastes time and multiplies the chance of costly errors. Scanning relies upon OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract and input critical data from your invoices.

2. Data at your fingertips — With critical invoice data digitized and at your staff's fingertips (client or vendor name and address, invoice date, amount due, purchase order number, etc.), manual filing processes are no longer necessary. You'll not only save valuable staff time, but you'll also save on the costs typically associated with paper-based filing systems, like office space, filing cabinets, and printing costs.

3. Cash in on faster payment times — Automating both accounts payable and accounts receivable is a win-win for your business. Some companies offer early payment discounts, and automation means you'll never miss another due date or pay a late fee. And when you're on the receiving end, digital payment processes help you get paid faster through streamlined billing processes and paperless payment options for your customers.

4. Find everything faster — Stop wasting valuable time searching through filing cabinets for paper invoices. Scanning puts all of your invoices just seconds away with a simple keyword search.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of invoice scanning, contact us at Gobin's Business Solutions for a look at our state-of-the-art scanners today!