Scanning: A Perfect Solution for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare offices have multiple goals to meet in their patient records systems. Two of the most critical include security and accessibility. Paper-based systems are no longer adequate to meet either of these benchmarks, and today's healthcare facilities are doing everything in their power to adopt new methods for managing patient information.

How Scanning Improves Daily Processes

Fortunately, new scanning technologies are readily available, and all provide solid solutions for healthcare facilities of all types and sizes. Replacing paper-based records with digital files has several distinct advantages:

  • Improved productivity— Paper is an inefficient way to gather, share, and store patient information. Digitizing speeds up the process, allowing more time for one-on-one patient care.
  • Improved regulatory compliance— Both HIPAA and HITECH require that healthcare providers protect patient privacy. Paper-based records are difficult to secure, but built-in security features on multifunction printers and scanning equipment help make privacy a priority.
  • Fewer errors— Data entry errors are commonplace, but scanning helps by eliminating the need to manually enter patient information.

Improve Customer Care

There's no question that healthcare offices make patient care a high priority. Scanning patient data from the time it enters your front door is an effective way to put the patient first. Here's how:

  1. Speed up the registration process by scanning insurance cards, patient identification cards, privacy forms, consent forms, and more.
  2. Scanning patient records provided by other caregivers is a fast and accurate method for updating medical histories to provide better care.
  3. Improve the time between office visit and insurance payments by scanning and digitizing claims, EOBs, and statements.

Whether you choose a dedicated scanner or a multifunction printer with built-in scanning capabilities, Gobin's Business Solutions can help you find the perfect device for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.