Scanning Solutions: Manage Your Printing Costs


Scanning is a great all-around solution for your print environment, but its benefits can be sabotaged if your printing costs are too high. Not sure how to tell what you're really spending on everything from color copies to consumables? Here are a few tips for identifying and managing your printing costs.

Get Control of Your Printing

Although scanning is a great way to minimize costs and promote streamlined organization within your company, your good old scanner can't single-handedly solve all of your print environment's problems. To help it do its job more efficiently, it's important that you start by taking control of your printing, identifying the real costs, and cut down on anything wasteful or inefficient. Of course, that's not always easy to do--so we've compiled a list of things to focus on.

  • Pricey Printers

Not all printers were created equal--which means that different makes and models can have different impacts on your printing prices. For example, inkjet printers cost a lot to keep stocked with consumables, but they offer a wide variety of functions; laser printers, on the other hand, require less maintenance and are cheaper overall, but also offer fewer functions. Make sure to pay attention to these differences, because the wrong printer could be driving your prices up!

  • Color Copies

Color printing is often overlooked as a variable, but it can get expensive. To gain control of your printing, analyze your print habits and see how often you need to use color and then create some guidelines for color usage.

  • Functional Features

Always pay attention to the features on your printers (and your scanners and copiers too). Some default features are helpful, but others can easily undermine all of your attempts to be frugal, making it too easy to be accidentally wasteful. Use only the features that are functional and efficient for your real needs.

Your scanner can't do all the work. Contact us for help controlling your print environment and utilizing your scanning solutions!