The Search for The Paperless Office


The paperless office. We've been throwing the phrase around since 1978, but are we any closer to closing the gap as the year 2016 draws to an end?

If your goals to go paperless have become little more than an annoying and persistent inconvenience, perhaps it's time to reassess the benefits.

End the Search

We're taking an educated guess here, but we bet you didn't hire your talented staff so they could spend five hours every week searching for documents and another three and a half finding a place to put them. Scanning your documents make them accessible with just a few clicks. For a staff of twenty people, that's 170 hours each week to devote to revenue-producing projects instead of the paper chase.

Prepare for the Worst

Did you know that small businesses are particularly vulnerable after a natural disaster? Unfortunately, most are unable to recover following a catastrophic data loss and are forced to close their doors forever. Paper documents are impossible to secure and are uniquely susceptible to theft, loss, and disasters like fire or flood. Your furniture and fixtures are insured, and you can replace them, but how much more valuable is your company's collective knowledge? Scanning provides a means to back up your data, providing a workable business continuity plan when and if disaster strikes.

Stop Paying Money to Store Paper

Whether it's an onsite storage room or an offsite document storage facility, paying to store paper is an unnecessary waste of your hard-earned revenues. Start scanning your paper documents so you can donate those metal filing cabinets to charity (tax deduction!), reclaim valuable office space, and stop paying for offsite document storage.

We've only listed three ways scanning can improve the way your company does business, but the advantages don't stop there. Get in touch with us at Gobin's Business Solutions to learn more today.